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Visa Information

All travelers to Australia must have a valid visa before boarding their plane; they cannot apply for a visa on arrival. The only exception is New Zealand and Norfolk Island passport holders who will be issued a visa on arrival in Australia and normally do not need to lodge a visa application prior to their departure, unless there are character or health concerns.

More Visa information can be obtained from the website of Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Australia. You are strongly suggested to download Business Visitor Visa Information (General Guide Only) to understand the procedure of visa application.

For visa application purpose, you may need a formal invitation letter from MMSP2008 Conference Organization Committee. Please fill in the Form - Information for Visa Application (click here to download) and email to General Chair, Prof. David Feng and conference registration Sijun Lu . After you receive the invitation letter, you need to lodge the application at an Australia overseas visa office based on the instruction on Business Visitor Visa Information (General Guide Only).

Because of the time needed for collecting information from all MMSP2008 attendees and communicating with the immigration department, the invitation letter (for assisting visa application) will be sent out on 15 August 2008. After 15 August, we can still accept request for invitation letter, but there is no attendee information being passed to the immigration department.



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